Slate Roofing Services Available

NYC General Pro Roofing provides clients throughout many parts of New York, such as Long Island and Brooklyn, with a wide variety of residential roofing services, which includes the professional installation of slate roofing. The slate tile is a popular roofing tile with a reputation for longevity and comes with an air of prestige. If properly installed, an entire soft slate roof can last up to 50 years before needing to be replaced. And although individual tiles may crack or split, the slate roof as a whole is quite durable. If hard slate is used, then that number increases to 75-125 years. As your roofing services experts, we can enhance the beauty of your Long Island home with our slate roofing.

What is Slate?

Slate is a metamorphic rock with relatively weak bonds between layers. This causes premature splitting. However, much of the durability of the tile comes down to the craftsmanship of the work. We provide expert quality work when it comes to our slate roofing services, as well as other residential roofing and home improvement services.

Slate Roofing Benefits

Here are some common benefits of a slate roof:

  • Great durability for a long lifespan that exceeds many other types of roofing systems.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Able to resist years of weather with no decay.
  • Improves value of home due to how pleasing it looks.
  • Slate roofing tiles are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.
  • Old slate materials can be recycled.

Slate Roof Design & Styles

Here are some common designs and tyles for a slate roof.

Standard Slate Roof

With a standard slate roof, the shingles are flat, smooth, and uniform in color and appearance. This offers a clean and elegant look that complements modern building and architecture.

Textural Slate Roof

A textural slate roof has the look of the classic slate roof, with a rough, textured, and natural appearance. Due to the texture, there is an enhancement with the depth and visual interest of the shingles. Textural slate provides the best grip of any slate surface, making roof maintenance easier than other types of slate roofing.

Multicolored (Blended) Slate Roof

A multicolored slate roof mixes various colors to create a unique and aesthetically pleasing look. Shades of gray, black, purple, and green combine to form a wonderful looking shade. Multicolored slate roofs have a striking, but natural and organic look that will enhance the beauty of any home.

Important Features for Slate Roofing

Here are some of the more important features regarding slate roofing for homes.


No other roofing material will last as long as slate with the life expectancy of a slate roof being anywhere between 50 to 200 years! In comparison, asphalt roofing lasts around a decade. Composite shingle roofing may last up to 30 or 40 years. Metal roofing is anyway between 30 to 50 years. Only clay or cement roofing even approaches the longevity you'd get with slate with an expected lifespan of up to 100 years. So when you go with slate as your roofing material, you may be spending a pretty penny on the installation, but you will likely get a lifetime's worth out of it. Not bad!


The appearance of a slate roof is rather unique. It has a sheen from the high level of mica in the stone. This brilliant mineral makes slate glisten when you view it at certain angles. Another distinguishing feature of slate is its rough-hewn appearance. Since it is a sedimentary rock, it is formed from many layers that cleave or slice. It is a standout material and a standout appearance when installed on a roof.


Slate weighs two to three times more than your composite shingles. With conventional three-tab shingles weighing in around 250 pounds per square and other, more premium architectural-grade composite shingles weighing in around 450 pounds per square. With that said, the roof for most homes are designed to carry that weight. However, it is a different story when it comes to natural slate shingles, which can weigh between 675 and 1,870 pounds per 100 square feet. This is a weight some roofing systems simply cannot bear, so it is imperative to consult with a roofing professional before moving forward with this type of project.

Environmental Qualities

The nice longevity of slate contributes to its environmental qualities. Slate can outlive several cycles of composite roofing systems which many need to be removed and replaced every 25 to 30 years. And slate shingles, when in good condition, can be reused as shingles or can be ground up and used for other applications. Other roofing materials are simply sent to the landfill, so it is nice that slate tiles have applications past their roofing purposes.

Professional Slate Roofing Installations

NYC General has years of experience as a trusted home and roofing contractor for those in Brooklyn, New York. Please reach out to us today for a free quote if you are in the need for a residential roofing project. Our service area extends to those across Long Island and Brooklyn. We have performed slate removal jobs on roofs in the past and have years of experience in the roofing industry in general. 

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On top of our slate roofing services, we also offer a few other great options when it comes to residential roofing. Among the other types of roofing options we have available are cedar shingles, clay shingles, and asphalt shingles. Learn more about all of the home roofing installations for people throughout the Brooklyn area.

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