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As professional residential roofers on Long Island, New York we offer beautiful installations for home roofing tiles. When you opt for a tile roof, they are durable and long-lasting. However, they are also expensive and quite heavy. In the past, roofing tiles were made from some traditional materials. Slate, clay, terra cotta were some of the most common materials used. But move to the future and more tiles are used to create gorgeous looking roofs. Molded, tinted concrete is a very common roofing materials. And they come in various shapes, too. This includes curved, flat, fluted, and interlocking. Since we are professional roofing contractors on Long Island, you can trust our team with any material or style you want to use on your home.

Why Choose Tile Roofs

Tile roofing for your home is the perfect choice for many on Long Island, since they work great with exposure to salt air, which many on Long Island experience. And they hold up well in the heat, too. Tile roofing is most common in the Southwest, like Florida, and in California. But as mentioned, the salty air from the coast means tile roofing is common on Long Island, New York, too. And the summer heat can be a lot.

Roofing tiles are heavy and can break under certain conditions. So roof framing may be required. We can complete this to ensure the roof is steady enough to support the weight of the new roofing tiles for your home.

Tile Styles

There are quite a few different roofing tiles available to homeowners on Long Island, New York. When you reach out to us, we can discuss the best options for your home. Clay and concrete tiles are often the easiest to install and can match any home’s aesthetic style. For what it’s worth, we do not install all of these tiles. But it is still fun to know what else is out there. Here is a list of other common home roofing tiles:

  • Spanish Tiles: The classic Southwest roof that resembles rows of lapping waves with troughs between the rows which carry water away. Popular style for clay, terra cotta, and concrete tiles.
  • Scandia Tiles: These tiles resemble upside down Spanish tiles. So visually, they give the appearance of sharp vertical ridges with wide scallop-shaped troughs.
  • Double Roman Tiles: Also resemble Spanish tiles, but the rows have distinct, visible ribs. The water troughs are more frequent, though smaller. Concrete is the most common material to use for it, but they are also available in clay and terra cotta.
  • Flat Shake Tiles: Fabricated to resemble the texture and feel of granulated asphalt shingles or wood shakes. In general, these roofs have relatively flat surfaces that easily shed frequent light rains. However, they may not be ideal where more heavy rainfall is common. These tiles readily adapt to almost any architectural style and typically made of concrete.
  • Pantile Roofs: Made of clay tiles that form into flattened S shapes, which creates a ripple appearance. Pantiles are also much lighter than most other tiles. Due to this, they are also cheaper.
  • Barrel Tiles: Semi-cylindrical tiles in the same vein as Spanish and Roman tiles. Here, though, the cylinders slightly taper, which makes them wider at one end. The tapering shape makes these tiles a great option for curved roofs.
  • French Tiles: These tiles have wide troughs to help with the channeling of heavy rain. Similar to an inverted form of the Roman roof.
  • Riviera Tiles: Pretty much a flattened form of double Roman tiles. The humps are flat ridges interrupting shallow, flat-bottomed troughs.

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