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Shutter Repair for Homeowners Throughout Brooklyn, NYC & Long Island

NYC General Pro Roofing performs a wide range of residential construction services and is happy to offer our premium shutter repair services for homeowners across Queens, Long Island and Brooklyn. Our expert shutter repair team is professionally trained and can handle working on shutters of all shapes, sizes and designs. Our team works efficiently and diligently to give your home the most beautiful and functional shutters. We provide a dedication to superior work and aim to make sure you will be able to enjoy the sun’s natural light and your own privacy for years to come.

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Signs Your Window Shutters Need Repair

For many people on Long Island, there are roughly only two times that they pay attention to the quality of their window shutters: when they install the shutters and when they eventually replace them. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not do the proper upkeep with their window shutters, which means that they might end up using the shutters for long past their peak effectiveness. Let’s break down the key symptoms that indicate when you might need to replace your home's window shutters.

Whether you have beautiful mahogany window shutters or simple beige plastic ones, you probably want them to look good and stay in good shape. But sometimes life gets in the way and you lose track of the shutters and their durability. Here are some key signs you can look for to remind you that it is time to replace your shutters.

Operational Difficulty

Sometimes shutters will simply stop working properly and you will have difficulty using them. If you are having troubles simply using your shutters, that is the first sign it is time for shutter replacement.

Broken or Scarred Slats

Window slats that show signs of wear and tear are almost always ones that need to be replaced. These scars could have happened from rough usage by kids or pets or simply father time got the best of them over time. But pay attention to these sorts of damages and the need for a potential replacement of the shutters.


One of the simpler ways to spot a problem with your home's shutters is discoloration. Over time, sunlight can damage the shutters and cause them to start losing their color. So if they are fading in color, then it is probably time for a replacement. And a good idea to potentially look for UV resistant shutters next time!

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NYC General Pro Roofing has years of experience providing dependable contracting services to homeowners throughout Long Island and the greater New York area. A nice-looking shutter does a lot for the look and feel of any home. We can come down and inspect your home to determine the proper course of action.

For more information about our contracting services, please reach out to us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about your shutters. Get the best shutter repair on Long Island and throughout the Brooklyn area when you turn to NYC General. When you call, we can further discuss what you need.

Shutter Repair Estimate

Once we have an understanding of the potential work, we can provide you with a free estimate for it. On top of professional shutter repair and installation, we can also discuss other various contracting services we provide. Many who need new shutters also are in the market for new siding and replacement windows. Learn more about the importance of siding and why you may need replacement windows. Get professional home improvement services across the board when you turn to NYC General Roofing!