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The professionals at NYC General Pro Roofing have years of experience with roofing maintenance for homes and businesses across Long Island and the greater New York City area, including Brooklyn. The roof often gets overlooked. And by the time you realize there is a problem you need a whole new roof. That's expensive! Don't let it get to that point. Having your roof regularly maintained is crucial to protecting your overall investment into your roof. With our roofing maintenance services, we can ensure the longevity of your roof and keep it in good condition.

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Our roofing team has been repairing, replacing, installing and maintaining roofs on Long Island for years. We want to make sure every person knows just how important it is to properly maintain your roof. Continue reading to learn more about maintaining roofs and turn to our team of roofing professionals for the best roofing services on Long Island and the greater NYC area.

Roof Maintenance Aspects

When it comes to the maintenance of your roof, there are certain features that we will encompass. In general, roof maintenance is the periodical checking of the vulnerable areas on a roof that may be susceptible to future issues. How frequently we inspect and maintain a roof depends on if it is a commercial or residential roof. Maintenance for a roof can be annual, biannual, or quarterly.

When we come down and do our roofing maintenance, there are certain things we will do. Here is a list of some of the most common ways we will maintain your roof:

Inspect Roof for Signs of Animal Intrusion

The attic in your house is a nice, safe place for small animals to burrow into. However, if they do, these animals can cause major damage to your home. They can cause leaks, chew on electrical wiring and cause a house fire, or create biohazard with their waste. So detecting these aspects is key to keeping your roof, and home, in safe condition.

Remove All Debris from Roof & Gutters

Leaving any sort of debris on your roof, such as sticks and leaves, can create a dam. This dam then causes water to back up under the shingles and potentially create a leak. And if there are leaves in the gutters, it can clog the downspouts or slow the flow of water. This can cause the gutters to overflow and create some unwanted moisture in the crawl space or the basement. Removing any debris promptly is important in keeping the overall integrity of your roof sound.

Inspect Loose or Missing Caulking & All Flashing

The caulking on your roof is crucial to keeping any exposed nail heads on roof penetration flanges watertight. The caulking is also necessary in keeping any metal flashing in brick walls and chimneys watertight. When you have leaks due to loose or missing caulking, then the potential of leaking increases.

Check Pipe Boots for Cracks and Wear

A cracked pipe boot is one of the most common reasons for roof leaks. In winter, there is a big drop in air temperature can lead the gasket around a plumbing vent stack to crack. Creating a small area for water to invade your roof and your home. Ensuring the sealing of a pipe boot lessens the odds of a major leak.

Inspect the Ventilation

Checking the ventilation for properly fans and turbines is key. We want to make sure that there are no obstructions in the ridge vents. If condensation is not properly vented out of your attic, then it will dissolve the adhesives in the plywood decking. Ultimately, this causes delamination of the layers, which proceeds to weaken the nail holding abilities. This allows for potential for shingle blow offs and full decking replacement. It is one of those aspects where inspecting it from above does not help. We will need to see what is underneath the roof in order to keep it maintained.

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There are more aspects that this, but these are the most common areas to inspect and maintain in order to keep your roof in good standing condition. If you are looking for professional roofing maintenance on Long Island, Brooklyn, or the greater New York City area, then please turn to NYC General Pro Roofing. We will go above and beyond for you when you do maintenance on your roof.

From residential roofing to commercial EPDM roofing, to much more, our professional roofing services will cover every aspect of your roof.

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