Front Door Installations

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NYC General Pro Roofing provides a wide array of home improvement projects, including front door installations. These new doors for your home add some great benefits and improve the overall value of your home. And they are more affordable than you may thing. We pride ourselves on providing these front door installations for homeowners throughout Long Island and Brooklyn in New York.

And of course, we do more than just install front doors. We can install any sort of door. Whether it is a door leading to your backyard, or you want to replace some of the doors inside your home, or even a garage door, our contractors will get the job done. Get a free estimate for the home project you are looking to get done.

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For more information about our installations of front doors, please give us a call today. The number for our office is 917-890-4212. When you call, we can go over what you want done and provide you with a fair and accurate estimate. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today to get started.

How Much is a New Front Door?

When it comes to a new front door, there are a lot of choices that will impact the cost of the door. This includes what material you select, any accessories, and the hardware. As well as, the sort of panel style you want whether it is with or without glass. So, the price varies greatly depending on what you want. A new front door can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to more pricey options of doors at a couple thousand. But the choice is up to you! And there are benefits for choosing the right new front door to install for your home.

Benefits of Front Door Installations

There are some great benefits when you opt to install a new front door for your home. The front door is the entryway into your home, so having one you love goes a long way. Let's take a look at some of the biggest benefits you will find with the installation of a new front door.

Added Security

The front door is how people enter their home. And when it comes to crime, the front door is also a common way for intruders to break in. Adding a new front door will improve the security of your home. Especially if you have an older door that may not provide the best security features. Upgrading the door offers new and improved security features. An older, antique door might look nice, but they might not be able to provide the necessary security measures to keep your home safe.

More Energy Efficient

Older doors may be leaky and drafty and air seeps through. And may even have some small holes in it. So during the summer, the cool air may escape from the inside. And in the winter, the warm air finds its way through that door. And what this leads to is a more expensive heating and cooling bill because they are working extra in order to compensate for the lost warm or cold air.

Improves Curb Appeal and Home Value

When you replace the front door for your home, you have the ability to give your home a new, refreshing look. Which will also increase the overall curb appeal of the home and increase its overall value. When you opt for a new front door, you can choose from many great materials. We can help you choose the one that will make it pop. From wood, to fiberglass, and steel, select a material that best aligns with your home and sensibilities. All can be beautiful options for your new front door.

Make a Personal Design Statement

Lastly, this new installation of a front door is a great way to make a personal statement regarding your home and its new look. Not only will you simply be choosing a new door for added security and energy efficiency, but you can make it look great. There are enhanced features, such as grilles, crossbucks, decorative glass, wrought iron and more that will take this new door to the next level. Make it you!

Glass Options

Glass can be an elegant option for the new front door. Clear, textured obscure and decorative glass options can let in that natural light, while still providing those energy efficiency and security benefits. Clear glass is simple and will get the most natural light into your home. When you opt for obscure glass, you can get it in some different textures to enhance your front door. Lastly, decorative glass is a hand-assembled pattern that mixes obscure and beveled glass in various styles.

Sidelights and Transoms

Sidelights and transoms are also two ways to add your add flare to the installation of the new front door. Sidelights are vertical pieces of glass that flank wither one or both sides of an entry door and allow more light into the home. They can make for an elegant design statement when done right in crafting your entryway. A transom is a fixed glass window that sits above the door and sidelights. It is commonly available in rectangular and curved designs. You can use transoms with all front door styles.