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Commercial Spanish tile looks great, however the installation process is difficult. Thankfully, you have the professional roofing contractors of NYC General Pro Roofing to get the job done right. Many businesses and commercial establishments on Long Island and in Brooklyn want Spanish tiles for their building. It looks great and tiled roofs are durable. However, they are also expensive and heavy. Which is only to be expected with this material. Honestly, this tiling will outlive you, since it can last 100 years!

In the past, roofing tiles were made primarily from slate or a fired clay or terra cotta. But molded, tinted concrete has become in vogue. And when you turn to tile roofs, they come in different shapes, liked curved, flat, fluted or interlocking. But there is a distinction when it comes to the installation of commercial Spanish tile for your building. There are pros and cons for using a tile roof. Here are some things to consider before you pull the trigger

Pros of Commercial Spanish Tile


When installed correctly (and in the right climate), tiling can last over 100 years! Clay and concrete tile roofs have the ability to withstand hail, high winds, and sometime fire! So this will likely be the only roofing you will install in your lifetime.

Tough to damage

When you install commercial Spanish tiles, it will not rot and cannot get damage from insects. And tiles do not suffer decay.


Tile roofs are made from earth minerals, not chemicals. So when they get removed, they can be pulverized and recycled and/or safely thrown away. No harm to the environment will happen with its disposal.

Energy efficient

Since the installation of Spanish tiles have a heavy mass, these tiles will help to regulate the temperatures inside your commercial building. So you will not be spending more money on heat leaving the building.

Little to no maintenance

When it comes to Spanish tiles, leaks are rare. And since they are so sturdy and durable, repairs and maintenance are uncommon, unless they break due to a very heavy impact.


Spanish tiles are a distinct sort of roofing material and usually come in only a few colors. However, their addition is a colorful one and it is not difficult to choose a color that matches the overall aesthetic of the building.

Cons of Commercial Spanish Tile

More expensive. More economical too!

Compared to asphalt roofing, tile systems can cost two or even three times as much depending on the type of material you use for the tile. However, the higher initial cost is offset by their longevity. It is ultimately a more economical decision, since you pay for something that will last longer than any other roofing system. And one that requires less upkeep.

Laborious Installation

Obviously the installation of commercial Spanish tiles requires a professional roofing contractor. The tiles we use will need to be measured and laid in a specific pattern. And then checked to make sure no moisture will get through. It can be more intensive than other roofing systems, and thus raise the cost of installation.

Heavy Mass

Tiles are very heavy. So the structure of the roof must be able to handle this extra weight. Tile roofing systems can weight three times as much as asphalt, so it is important to know the integrity of the structure. In many cases, you may need an engineer to assess if any reinforcement is required. Which again will raise the cost of the roof.


As mentioned, tiles are very durable. However, if they suffer a heavy impact, like falling tree branches, then they may break. And those repairs will cost more than an asphalt roof. Though if a tree falls, you would have needed repairs with any roofing system.

Not usable for all roof slopes

Not all roofing slopes can utilize tiles. Only roofs with relatively sharp slopes can use tiling. They should not be used on roofs with pitches less than 4:12. If you are unsure if your slope is adequate, then please consult a professional before moving forward to see if it is even a viable option.

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