Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

When you own a home, there are certain responsibilities to deal with. One of them is your windows. Perhaps they aren’t high on your list of needs and importance, but they should be! Windows do a lot for your home. Keep the cold or warm air out. Protect from the element. Provide natural light. And other factors that may go unnoticed. So that is why is it also important to look for the signs for when to replace your windows. Here are some of the common signs that you may need to replace your windows.

Drafts & Increased Energy Costs

Beautiful Replacement WindowsDrafts from your windows is the #1 sign you need to replace them. One way to check for them is to put a tissue near the frame and see if it moves. Or if it is cold outside, simply put your hand near them and you will be able to feel the cold air seeping into your home. This issue means your oil burner or furnace is working harder than it should, since cold air is infiltrating the home. Or warmer in the summer months because you are losing the cold, air-conditioned air to the outside.

So these drafts are not just causing you to be warmer or colder than you should be, but they are also leading to increases in energy costs and costing you money. Your energy bill will be higher with drafty windows, since it is working more than it should. So instead of wasting money on higher bills, put that money into replacing those drafty windows! You will save money in the long run by investing in new windows.

If You Have Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows should be a thing of the past. They offer no insulation or soundproofing. And they lack energy efficiency, which means even if there is not a draft your furnace or A/C will be working overtime to combat this issue. So if you have single pane windows in your home, it is time to start thinking about making the investment for new widows. Windows that are double or even triple glazed. It is a big decision, but your wallet will thank you in the long term with those lower energy bills.

Poor Window Operation

Do you have a daily struggle to open or close your windows? Proper windows should open and close with ease. And a functioning lock is an added seal against air escaping from your home. Not to mention added security. So if this is a problem with your home windows, maybe it is high time for a replacement.

Condensation & Moisture Build-Up Between Panes

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air from inside your home meets with the cold surface of a glass window. There are a few reasons for it happening, but constant condensation and frost means your windows are not working at 100%. Stop wiping them down and get new windows!

This can even be a problem for double-glazed windows. When a two-paned window is working properly, there is an airtight seal that reduces heat transfer. If you notice moisture between these panes of glass on the inside, that means this seal is broken and that it is time for new windows.

Decaying Frames and Visible Damage

No matter how high-quality a window frame is, it will degrade over time. That’s just how this works. Being exposed to the elements over years will lead to exposure to moisture and dampness, which leads to rot. So take a close look at your windows. You might even see mold growth. If this decay is further down the line that you want, it is time to replace your windows with new ones!

Because decaying frames leads to visible damage. Especially on the outside. Harsh winds and rain, freezing temperatures, and harmful UV rays all lead to the eventual destruction of window frames. Check for warping or constant fogging. These are signs the frame is damaged. Windows are designed to provide ventilation, airflow, and light into the home. So if anything is broken, then these positives are compromised. And it is time for new windows. Besides, there is also curb appeal. Nobody want to see damaged or broken window frames. They are ugly and unappealing. Improve the aesthetic of your home get beautiful replacement windows!

Noise Pollution

And finally, we come to the final sign you may need replacement windows: noise pollution. Outside noise should, well, stay outside! It is one thing to hear birds chirping, but it is quite another thing to hear everything else going on outside. Older windows do not offer much sound insulation. Newer windows are designed to absorb those everyday sounds, so you don’t hear them as loudly inside your home. Get that peace and quiet you have been striving for with replacement windows!

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